Welcome to Source Counseling!

Source Counseling has served the Denver metro community in a warm and professional setting for nearly 10 years.  We provide confidential psychotherapy for clients of all ages as well as couples and families. Within our counseling center, we have therapists who specialize in work with children, adolescents, and adults.  Our priority is to develop safe therapeutic relationships with our clients in an atmosphere that allows for personal growth and exploration.  

At Source Counseling we meet with clients who encounter any type of life stress that affects their daily functioning.  We specialize in the areas of trauma, depression, anxiety and grief.

Unique to Source Counseling is our attempt to schedule all family members seeking therapy with their individual counselors at the same appointment time so there is only one trip to our office in the midst of your busy weekly schedule.  We will be happy to talk with you further regarding our services.

This website will introduce you to our therapists and their areas of expertise.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss an initial meeting with a therapist who meets your specific needs and desires. We look forward to meeting you!